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Aristokrat is a mark of family’s tradition and dedicartion to improving the vividness in our customers’s lifestyle.

Aristoktat is a mark of family’s tradition and dedication to improving the vividness in our customer's lifestyle products, like sweaters, shawls and cardigans. In addition, we also offer our clients shirts, polo-shirts and other accessories. In order to achieve and maintain the distinctive quality of Aristokrat’s products, the company uses only best and finest fibers in the world. With the knowledge and experience of our

designers and experts our brand produced an exclusive luxury wear for men and women, high quality accessories and gifts. The traditional processing techniques are a distinctive element in the establishment of the valuable products which are suitable for a noble lifestyle.


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Important instructions for handling

Gently place your garment in 30C lukewarm water, preferably with special cashmere shampoo, without rubbing and wringing.
Do not use washing powder and bleach when washing cashmere products.
Let the sweater soak in the detergent water for a while, at least 20-30 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with clean cool water until wool washing liquid is cleared from the garment.
Gently place the garment in a dry cotton towel in order to release the excess water.
Do not wring out.
Let the cashmere garment dry on a towel without stretching.
If necessary, iron by using low temperature steam from 0.5-1 cm distance.
Perfumes with rich color should not be used on the cashmere and camel wool garments from close distance.
After first few times of wearing cashmere, especially under other clothes, small balls (pilling) may appear on the surface of the garments. Pilling is not a quality defect, but it is the natural characteristic of cashmere. You only need to remove pilling once in a while for the first few wears.

Lastly, please remember your luxurious cashmere garment will age inversely with time if you take care of it just the way it caresses you even gentler with time.

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