Delivery & Shipping


There is one delivery options for the orders you make though online shop

– Express delivery 1-3 days, you decide which of our partners – DHL
– will deliver your order.
The shipping costs depend on the value of your order, the type of delivery service chosen and the company you’ve picked to make the delivery. Please note that if a city is not entered in your delivery address we will calculate the shipping cost separately, and sent the amount to your email.
Once your order has been shipped, we will notify you via e-mail. The message will also contain a tracking code, and an URL of a page where you can track the shipment.
The time for delivery depends on your location, the delivery option you’ve chosen, and the shipping provider. The Express delivery usually takes 1-2 working days* (air delivery Monday to Friday). Orders placed by 4:00pm est on weekdays will be delivered by 5:00pm est on the next day. Orders placed on weekends on weekdays will be delivered on the next business day by 5:00pm est.
Please noticed that DHL delivered an orders from 9.00am to 5.00pm only on business days.
*Delivery time is counted from the day the shipment is loaded on the transport vehicle.
When the order is delivered to your address by a courier you will need to sign in order to
confirm you have received the shipment.
In case a product needs replacement and the delivery address is the same as the initial one all shipping costs will be at expense. In case the delivery address for the replacement has changed the shipping will be at the customer’s expense.
When a product is returned will refund the product price, but the shipping will be at your expense.

Secure Shopping:

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Important instructions for handling

Gently place your garment in 30C lukewarm water, preferably with special cashmere shampoo, without rubbing and wringing.
Do not use washing powder and bleach when washing cashmere products.
Let the sweater soak in the detergent water for a while, at least 20-30 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with clean cool water until wool washing liquid is cleared from the garment.
Gently place the garment in a dry cotton towel in order to release the excess water.
Do not wring out.
Let the cashmere garment dry on a towel without stretching.
If necessary, iron by using low temperature steam from 0.5-1 cm distance.
Perfumes with rich color should not be used on the cashmere and camel wool garments from close distance.
After first few times of wearing cashmere, especially under other clothes, small balls (pilling) may appear on the surface of the garments. Pilling is not a quality defect, but it is the natural characteristic of cashmere. You only need to remove pilling once in a while for the first few wears.

Lastly, please remember your luxurious cashmere garment will age inversely with time if you take care of it just the way it caresses you even gentler with time.

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